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John Aizlewood writes for The Sunday Times, The Evening Standard and The Guardian. One of the newspaper's leading football correspondents, he is a match reporter and feature writer for The Sunday Times, who has covered sporting events across the globe and an interviewer of major sporting personalities. He also contributes opinion pieces to The Sunday Times' InGear section and is a regular contributor to UEFA's Champions magazine. He writes in proper sentences and knows the difference between it's and its.

He is also music critic for the Evening Standard, contributes extensively to Q Magazine and has interviewed almost every major pop music figure of the last two decades, except Kurt Cobain, who wouldn't speak to him. Publications he has previously written for The Independent, The Independent On Sunday, The Observer, Arena, Blender, 4-4-2, Total Sport, Melody Maker amongst many others.

In addition, he scripted two series of The Pop Years for Sky; Top Of The Pops 2 and several documentaries. He is currently preparing a series of treatments for already commissioned documentaries.


He regularly appears on all national BBC radio networks – and the World Service – as a pundit on both sport and culture. He recently presented the programme My Wizard for Radio. He appears regularly as an expert on Sky News, BBC News and as a talking head on countless programmes for all stations, while his recent contribution to the BBC's Time Shift football documentary, A Game Of Two Eras, was singled out (for praise) by the venerable Nancy Banks-Smith. He scrubs up quite well and always speaks in proper sentences.


He's written two books, Love Is The Drug (Penguin), a compendium of youthful experiences and Playing At Home (Orion), a brisk examination of the nation through football. A third is pending.

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